Movement Concrete Countertops

Why Choose Custom Concrete Countertops?

Movement custom concrete countertops are built by hand and customized to client specifications. Concrete countertops require zero upkeep and are incredibly durable. Movement Concrete offers complete countertop removal and installation services, making it easy to own a one-of-a-kind home fixture. We create far more than concrete countertops, so contact us to discuss any of your concrete kitchen, bath, living, outdoor, or commercial projects.

Movement Concrete Counter Tops Edmonton

Movement Concrete counter tops are built from one of the most durable materials available—Concrete. Concrete is incredibly strong, low maintenance, and scratch resistant, which is perfect for both residential and commercial use. Movement Concrete countertops are custom made to customer specifications, and we offer an array of color and design choices. We take pride in serving our Edmonton customers with concrete countertops that are as attractive as they are strong.

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Movement Concrete Services

Movement Concrete Edmonton provides full-service solutions. We start with a design consultation, where you can choose the size, configuration, features of your concrete countertop or concrete product. If we don’t offer the perfect color, we’ll design a custom concrete color for you. Next, we’ll build your concrete countertop or concrete product in our Edmonton studio to limit the time spent in your home. We’ll also prep your space, which often means removing an existing countertop, preparing a wall surface, or building support structures. Finally, we offer a complete installation of your purchase to all of our Edmonton & area clients.

Commercial Concrete Solutions

Concrete is the perfect material for commercial applications, and Movement Concrete delivers professional, timely concrete solutions to commercial customers in Edmonton & area. From custom made concrete bathroom sinks to concrete bar tops, Movement Concrete can help with design, fabrication, and installation. If you prefer to arrange the installation of your custom concrete product, just let us know and we can ship right to your site.