Countertop Maintenance: How to Maintain Concrete Kitchen Countertops 

Homeowners choose concrete countertops for their incredible durability and modern aesthetic. When owners practice good concrete countertop maintenance, the countertop develops an entirely unique look. Unlike granite, quartz, butcher block or melamine, concrete develops a stunning patina that shows a history of use. Find out what the pros suggest for maintaining a long-lasting beautiful piece.

How to Take Care of Concrete Countertops

We at Movement concrete have developed a list highlighting the most common issues owners face, and directions on how to care for concrete countertops. The topics of discussion include:

  • Cleaning concrete countertops
  • Dealing with concrete countertop stains
  • Removal of white spots on concrete countertops
  • Hairline cracking on concrete countertops
  • How to apply concrete countertop wax

Follow these steps on how to maintain concrete kitchen countertops to ensure your counter ages properly for many more years of use.

washing concrete countertops with dish soap

Cleaning Concrete Countertops

When it comes to cleaning concrete countertops, don’t overthink it. Like countertops made from traditional materials, a warm wet cloth and mild dish soap will do just fine. It’s important to note that bleaches or aggressive cleaning agents may damage the sealing layer, and should not be used. Regular cleaning will go a long way to protect the integrity of your counter and aid the countertop in maturing into a beautiful patina

coffee stains on concrete countertop

Concrete Countertop Stains

Stains are the most likely common damage that homeowners face. Like granite or quartz, long term exposure to liquids can stain the countertop surface. Movement Concrete seals every concrete countertop with a food safe sealer that protects the concrete from moisture absorption, but liquids left sitting will eventually permeate the protective surface.

Stains can often be removed with dish detergent, a sponge, and elbow grease. Pro Tip:

Mix flour with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to safely remove stubborn stains

Known as a poultice mix, this mixture works wonders as an easy home remedy. Stir the flour with peroxide until it’s near a peanut-butter consistency before lightly apply it to the stain. After sitting overnight, the mixture should be dry to the touch and have lifted the stain out of the concrete. Clean the residue, and try softly scrubbing again with a sponge and dish soap.

If that doesn’t do the trick, sand the stain away with a fine wet/dry sandpaper, clean and dry the area, and contact Movement Concrete for a replacement sealer. Concrete countertop stains aren’t usually a problem, and we’re always happy to assist with the repair.

White Spots on Concrete Countertops

Commonly mistaken for a stain, white spots on concrete countertops are generally caused by exposure to acids, known as acid etching. Low pH liquids, like lemon juice, can eat away the protective sealant and degrade the concrete below. Acid etching damages the surface more significantly than stains, but in some situations, can be remedied without professional help.

For minimal acid damage, use a fine wet/dry sandpaper to polish out the white spot and re-seal the surface. For significant etching or damage that cannot be corrected with home remedies, you may need professional refinishing. Contact Movement Concrete for advice regarding the best way to refinish the area.

concerete countertop cracking

Concrete Countertop Cracking

Concrete countertop cracking is generally a homeowner’s greatest fear. In reality, cracking is rarely a major issue. Most concrete countertops will never crack, but some will develop non-structural hairline cracks as a result of forces loaded on the counter. It can be caused by cabinets settling, plumbing fixtures tightened too far, significant temperature changes, or a variety of other reasons. While some homeowners enjoy the character that a hairline crack introduces, we understand that others do not.

All Movement Concrete countertops are made with specialized glass fibre reinforced (GFRC) concrete, which provides flexural strength far beyond that of standard concrete. GFRC concrete uses small fibreglass strands mixed directly into the cement to provide structural support throughout the piece much like rebar in traditional concrete. But unlike rebar, the glass strands offer flex without compromising structural integrity. The result: a concrete countertop that can be cast thinner than ever before without becoming weak or brittle. So even if the surface of your concrete countertop cracks, you can be assured that there are thousands of fibres gluing it together.

Repairing concrete countertop cracking is a job best left for the experts. The repair involves sanding away the surface sealer, colour matching the concrete, grouting the fracture, and blending the final finish. Movement Concrete offers a 1-year guarantee against unnatural cracking will happily help with additional repairs.

Waxing Concrete Countertops

Waxing concrete countertops is an easy, low-cost solution for preventing damage. Food safe non-toxic concrete waxes can be found at many concrete supply stores and applied at home with minimal tools and expertise. The wax provides an additional protective barrier to buffer the impact of damage before it reaches the permanent sealer. As the wax wears away, just quickly re-apply with a cotton cloth and continue using your counters!

Edmonton Concrete Countertop Repair

Whether you have stains, etches, or cracks, Movement Concrete is always happy to help with Edmonton concrete countertop repairs. We offer a range of restoration services to offer clients a sealed and colour-matched fix completed to a professional level. Just use our contact form here to tell us about your problem.

Concrete Countertop Patina

Over time, your countertop will develop signs of use and ageing, commonly referred to as a concrete countertop patina. Chances are, you chose to go with a custom concrete countertop because of its one-of-a-kind nature, so embrace the change! No other material ages with you and your home quite like this and a well-patinated countertop can be a thing of beauty. The trick is to practice routine cleaning and maintenance on your countertop, and repair issues as they arise. The result: an art piece in your home that tells a story of your life together.

We at Movement Concrete firmly believe that that concrete countertops offer a value, unlike any other countertop material. Concrete’s versatility, durability, and beauty are a thing to behold. If you have any questions about countertops, visit our countertop page to learn more or contact us directly to discuss our services.