Are concrete countertops expensive? How to Cut Down on Your Concrete Countertop Cost.

As concrete countertop specialists, we’re often asked: are concrete countertops expensive? That’s a tough question to answer. Will you need professional installation, or are you a DIY’er? Is your aesthetic industrial grey or ultra-clean white? Do you love gadgets and features, or are you a Kondo methodist minimalist? There are a number of qualities that drive the cost of a finished product from size to finish. Read on to learn what concrete countertops cost, how they’re priced, and how you can save on your purchase

What do Concrete Countertops Cost?

Compared to other popular countertop materials, like quartz, granite, butcher block and melamine, concrete countertops are priced in the mid to high range. Controlling for variables like size, layout and features, concrete is typically more affordable than granite and quartz, and more expensive than wood and composites. We at Movement Concrete go to great lengths to ensure that our concrete countertops can be affordable for everyone, and happily share tips on shaving down your final costs. So exactly what do concrete countertops cost? For those who are looking for a brief answer:

Concrete countertops can range from $40/ft²- $120/ft², or more. However, most residential countertops tend to cost around $80/sft².

How can concrete countertops range so significantly in price? That’s because every countertop is hand-made to exactly fit the client’s space. We take pride in every countertop we build, knowing that it will be in your home for many years to come. However, there are some features that certainly make the final product more costly than others.

Concrete Countertop Cost Factors

Budgeting for the cost of a concrete contertop

Concrete itself is an inexpensive product, but great craftsmanship certainly is not. The bulk of a concrete countertop cost is typically generated by the labour required to build a quality product. From planning to casting to installation, expert craftsmanship is required at every stage. So with that said, the specific significant cocnrete countertop cost drivers are:

  • Countertop Size
  • Shape & Edges
  • Cutouts, & Sinks
  • Colour
  • Features
  • Finish
  • Installation

We strive to produce countertops that perfectly fit your style, needs, and space. By understanding your design options, you can better create the piece that fits your desires and budget.

Countertop Size

Finished size is the single most important concrete countertop cost driver. Although cost efficiencies will increase as the work scales, you should expect the total cost to rise as well. Larger pieces require more concrete, processing agents, colouring, design space, and man hours to build. But you shouldn’t limit the size of your project to just to save on your bill. Consider saving on the following points instead.

Shape & Edges

A close up shot of a concrete countertop corner

Curves and edges are much more difficult to plan, template, and cast than flat surfaces, and require great craftsmanship to execute accurately. Edges with textured patterns also take longer to produce, and require expensive texturing materials. If your concrete countertop quote appears expensive, you could square off curves and edges to save.

Cutouts & Sinks

A brushed stainless steel sink embedded in a concrete countertop

Concrete countertop cutouts are what separates professionals from the DIY-ers. Cutouts for sinks or trash chutes need to well planned for in advance and easily double the time requirements to create versus a standard square slab. Every new edge presents an opportunity to showcase expert craftsmanship. If you’d like to shave down your project cost, consider whether or not your bar sink or trash chute is a necessity.

Concrete Colour

Movement Concrete Edmonton offers a range of concrete colours to perfectly suit your project. darker colours are typically less expensive to produce than lighter colours, and thus generally cost less to clients. If your design scheme allows for it, choose natural colors to save on your concrete countertop.

Countertop Features

Concrete countertops can be completely customized, and that’s why our clients love them. But every additional feature requires extra build-time and expertise to create. Drainboards, trivets, and power outlets don’t necessarily need to be built-in for your countertop to be both beautiful and functional. Talk to your Movement Concrete representative about which colours and features work best with your budget.

Countertop Finish

The finish of your concrete countertop usually means two things:

  • How heavily the countertop is sanded
  • How the countertop is sealed

Sanding can range from 0-200 grit, with each additional step exposing more of the concrete aggregate. An unsanded countertop will have a creamy matte look, and a heavily sanded piece will display a salt-and-pepper appearance as the sand aggregate of the concrete is uncovered. Unpolished countertops save us processing time, and we happily pass those cost savings along to our clients.

There is also a range of sealers that can be used to protect the piece from stains and wear. We offer unsealed countertops as requested, which can be an inexpensive option for outdoor or high-utility applications. If you’ll regularly be using your countertop for food preparation, it’s probably best to opt for a water-based ad food safe sealer. If an unsealed or unsanded countertop fits your project, it’s an easy way to decrease your concrete countertop expenses.


Once your concrete countertop has been formed, casted, polished and sealed, there’s still limit your expense: installation. Movement Concrete offers clients Canada-wide the option for a completely finished concrete countertop to be shipped to your door. If you’re a handy DIYer, you can install the peice yourself with a friend and few simple tools. This is a great way to save significantly on the final cost of your concrete countertop. If you’re in the Edmonton area and prefer professional installation, ask us about our full-service options.

How to Save on Concrete Countertops

The cost of your concrete countertop is determined by its size, shape & edges, cutouts & sinks, colour, features, finish, and installation. We at Movement Concrete hope you now have a better idea of how you to save on concrete countertops for your next purchase. For more information about our countertops, you can visit this page, or contact us directly.