Surface Concepts

Surface Concepts Edmonton

Surface Concepts has joined Movement Concrete!

What does this mean?

More Experienced Artisans

Better Made Concrete Products

Combined Creativity

Broader Selection or Styles & Colours

For nearly 10 years artist & Surface Concepts owner Greg Sommers has led Edmonton’s Concrete Countertop industry.  As the region’s leading GFRC concrete artisan, you can’t live in the city without passing Surface Concepts work or knowing a happy Surface Concepts client. Greg single-handedly developed proprietary finishes and techniques that are used globally today, and has left a permanent mark on the industry. 

Movement Concrete has jumped at the opportunity to form a partnership with Greg Sommers and Surface Concepts. Surface Concepts proprietary finishes and techniques are added to Movement’s breadth of options, and service to Surface Concepts Clients will remain constant. Ultimately, Movement Concrete clients now have access to more options, more experience, and better made concrete.